Corporate clients -

Corporate customers

Business customers

All corporate customers, (crematoria and funeral directors, jewellers) can also purchase from us through our extensive network of suppliers. We also offer the possibility of cooperation on a commission/bonus basis (for every sale generated). After all, we are an importer of memorial jewellery, with several dealer/partner-ships with different suppliers worldwide and therefore offer numerous opportunities for cooperation.

With various parties worldwide, we are expanding our range more and more. Especially our newly introduced silver line. Because we notice an increasing demand from the business market, we are happy to make an appropriate offer for all our business prospects, in consultation with you.

Various sales methods

According to various sales methods, we can also be contacted by our business customers. We would like to offer new relations / funeral directors the opportunity to supply our memorial jewellery to customers under their own name or through our unique sales formula. As a funeral director, this offers you the opportunity to serve your customer even better and to offer one or more stylish/fitting memorial jewellery. This partly to make your service even more complete. The choice is yours to do this under your own company name, or to opt for our sales strategy. Many funeral directors choose to work together on a commission/bonus basis and prefer to leave the entire further order processing/service provision with us.

For more information on this, please contact us, using our contact form or by phone if required.