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Memorial jewellery

A memorial ornament has a high emotional value. It should symbolically be a beautiful reminder of a lost loved one. In such cases, it can be reassuring to carry that person with you. At Pool-Boers, we understand that in these cases, only the best is good enough. That is why we offer the finest collection of memorial jewellery of the best quality. This jewellery is made of gold, silver and stainless steel. Always finished with the utmost precision and always at an affordable price.


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Popular memorial jewellery

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Memorial jewellery in all shapes and sizes

Pool-Boers has a huge collection of commemorative jewellery. With us you have the choice of ash pendants, ash jewellery, ash charms and ash bracelets. We also have beautiful animal ash pendants in our range. These beautiful memory jewellery pieces are available in various styles. So you can lovingly carry your lost loved one with you always. Our commemorative jewellery is available from stock so you will receive it quickly.

A memorial jewellery with ashes or fingerprint

Of course, at Pool-Boers, you are completely free to put together your own memorial jewellery. Depending on the memorial jewellery you choose, you can opt for ash processing or even a fingerprint. A fingerprint can be placed on the front of a locket, for example. You can also opt for a memorial jewellery with a lock of hair. The possibilities are almost endless. They allow you to strengthen the memory of your loved one in a completely personal way.

Remembrance jewellery for men and women

Memorial jewellery is for everyone. In addition to our specific collection of memorial jewellery for women, we are one of the few to offer our own men's line of memorial jewellery. These include stainless steel and silver ash pendants and beautiful ash bracelets. You will always find what you are looking for!

Personalised ideas for your jewellery

Not found what you are looking for? Or do you have an idea of your own that you would like to see incorporated into a commemorative jewellery piece? Then contact us on 033 - 75 20 905 or send an e-mail to Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers. We will be happy to help you find your most beautiful memorial jewellery.