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Animal Ash Pendants

Animal Ash Pendants

Our collection of animal ash pendants

The loss of your beloved pet deserves a tangible and symbolic keepsake. For many, losing a dog or cat is a tough time. Children, too, can suffer greatly. With an ash pendant dog, for example, you can give this event a place and wear your faithful four-legged friend close to you. Whether every day or only on special occasions. The nice thing about animal ash pendants is that even children can wear them. In our collection, you can choose between stainless steel/RS and 925 sterling silver. So you always have a tangible reminder in the form of a stylish shaft chain or ash bracelet.

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Various types and sizes of animal ash pendants

Our animal ash pendants contain a small hollow space in which you can store a limited amount of ashes. The jewellery can be worn without noticing that it is an ash pendant. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to commemorative jewellery goes. That is why you can choose from different materials, shapes and colours with us. Whether you opt for an eye-catching or subtle variant, you will always find an ash pendant that suits your needs. Choose for example an ash pendant dog, ash pendant cat or ash pendant butterfly. Do you prefer no chain? In that case, an ash pendant dog offers a solution. Moreover, the animal ash pendants can be worn by everyone, from parents and grandparents to children and grandchildren. Would you like to have your deceased pet close by, but would rather not have it in the form of a piece of jewellery? We also sell animal urns.

Personalised animal ash pendant

An animal ash pendant becomes even more personal if you have it engraved. For example, your pet's name, a date or a special text. Our professional silversmith will be happy to do this for you and make the jewellery even more special.

Animal ash pendants made of various materials

You want to be able to wear the ash pendant for as long as possible, we understand that. That is why you can count on us for high-quality ash jewellery, regardless of the different materials. So you can be sure that the jewellery will last a long time. You can choose from stainless steel or silver.

Animal ash pendant made of stainless steel

If you go for durable, then choose stainless steel. High-quality stainless steel/RS 316L is also called surgical steel. As the material is very hard, you need not fear damage. It also keeps its colour for a long time. Our ash bracelet dog for example, or ash pendant cat. View our collection of stainless steel animal ash pendants here.

Animal ash pendant made of silver

Silver is a very popular metal for jewellery. Within our own 925 sterling silver ash jewellery line, we have developed beautiful silver jewellery with a fine finish. This material has a beautiful shine and lends itself perfectly to engraving. An ash pendant made of 925 silver will remain beautiful forever, especially if you polish it every now and then. Our silver jewellery comes with a hallmark and serial production number, so you can be sure it is real silver. Choose, for example, the silver ash pendant dog or ash pendant butterfly. View our range of silver animal ash pendants here.

Animal ash pendants cheap

The loss of a pet is hard enough and everyone should be able to remember their beloved four-legged friend. That is why we offer various animal ash pendants at affordable prices. In doing so, you get full service and guarantee. Is the product not to your liking? Then you have the option to return it within two weeks.

Our products come in a beautiful velvet pouch. This allows you to safely store the jewellery when you are not wearing it. Luxury handmade velvet gift boxes are also available so you can give one as a gift.

Buy other ash pendants

Are you looking for a highly personalised version? Then take a look at our collection photo-engraved animal ash pendants which allows you to place a photo on the ash pendant. In addition, we also offer standard ash pendants and ash jewellery to.