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-Photogravure Animals Ash Pendants-

Of course, many pets are also part of family life. That is why we also offer special ash jewellery for animals in case you have to miss your faithful four-legged friend.
An animal ash pendant is personal. We therefore offer a wide collection of animal ash pendants to choose from. To make your ash pendant of your beloved four-legged friend, even more personal and unique, our photo engraving specialist can also add a photogravure. This means that in addition to a name, date or beautiful saying, you can also choose to put an image on your jewellery. Think for example of a precious photo of your dog or cat. After we have the photo engraving of your pet placed extremely carefully by our engraving specialist, we will send you the jewellery.

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A personalised photo engraving in your ash jewellery

If your beloved pet has died, it is nice if you can still carry him or her with you always. With our ash pendants can do this: the jewellery has a hollow space in which you can put a small amount of ash storage can. This could be a stylish necklace or an elegant bracelet, for example. In this way, these pieces of jewellery literally offer a piece of footing in a time that is already difficult enough.

Having your Photo Engraved Animal Ash Pendants Filled

You can then fill it with the ashes yourself. You can also use a purchase filling kit, but some dexterity is needed for this. If you find it unpleasant or uncomfortable to do this yourself, we will be happy to help you fill the ash pendant respectfully for you.

About our ash jewellery

The special thing about our jewellery is that it has a small hollow space. In it, you can store your loved one's ashes or hair and take them with you wherever you go. These ash pendants are so subtle that others only know they are ash jewellery when you tell them. For many people, the jewellery proves to be a huge help in grasping something that reminds them of their loved one. It is therefore a piece of jewellery that can be worn by anyone: adults, children and grandchildren alike. In addition to the choice between necklace and bracelet, you can also choose the metal: silver or stainless steel.

Why choose our ash jewellery?

We have unfortunately also experienced the loss of a loved one. As we were looking for a stylish and tangible memorial, we started looking at ash jewellery. Here, we were shocked by the high prices and limited range available. A ash pendant is personal and since tastes differ, we thought the range could be much larger. And since this period is sad enough, we want to keep the price as low as possible while maintaining the quality of the jewellery. Our engraving specialist therefore guarantees the quality of each piece of jewellery and also makes it unique and personal by putting an engraving on it if you wish.

So if you are looking for cheap ash jewellery, while enjoying personal service and high quality, order it from Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers.

Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers wishes you very fond memories with our Photo Engraved Animals Ash Pendants.