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Stainless steel Animal Ash Pendants

Animal funeral jewellery

Stainless steel animal ash pendants for your beloved pet

When your pet has died, an animal ash pendant can provide a fine tangible reminder. It is a beautiful way to carry the last tangible remains close by. An animal ash pendant does not immediately show that it is a piece of jewellery containing ashes. Our stainless steel / stainless steel animal ash pendants are high quality and attractively priced. This is especially nice if you want to fill several ash pendants but do not have a large budget. This way, the whole family will have a memento of your favourite pet. View our extensive collection of stainless steel animal ash pendants and discover which stainless steel animal ash pendant or bracelet suits you or your family.

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Stainless steel: the advantages

Our beautiful stainless steel (Stainless Steel) animal ash pendants are made of strong 316L surgical stainless steel. With this jewellery, you don't have to worry about unexpected deep damage. Because of its extra hardness, it even surpasses the quality of the precious metals gold and silver. The material also has the following advantages:

  • Sustainable
  • Stainless
  • Resistant to stains
  • Does not fade
  • Allergy-free
  • Non-magnetic
  • Extra strong yet lightweight

Engrave your stainless steel animal ash pendant

Despite the hardness of stainless steel, the pendants are easy to engrave. This way, your keepsake becomes even more personal. Our goldsmith can engrave a name, personal text or date, for example.

Various types of stainless steel animal ash pendants

In our range, you will find stainless steel animal ash pendants in various colours, shapes and finishes. Some ash pendants are already engraved with a text or dog's paws, others are blank and can be beautifully decorated according to your wishes. Did you have a sweet dog or cat? Then the stainless steel dog ash pendant or stainless steel cat ash pendant is a beautiful keepsake after the death. Of course, this is also possible for any other beloved pet with, for example, a stainless steel ash pendant heart. An ash pendant gets an extra special meaning because it can be filled with a little bit of ash. Most pendants can only hold a small amount of ash; after all, it is a purely symbolic amount. You can easily fill it yourself. We understand that you prefer not to add the ashes yourself, you can also let us do this.

How do I maintain my stainless steel jewellery?

You naturally want your ash pendant to last as long as possible. Stainless steel ash pendants do not require much maintenance. By polishing the ash pendant every now and then, the shine becomes even more beautiful. You can do this with a cloth and possibly a little polish (polishing oil). To keep the jewellery beautiful for as long as possible, we advise you to take it off while swimming. This is because the material is sensitive to chlorine.

Cheap stainless steel animal ash pendant

It should be possible for everyone to have a lasting memory of a beloved pet. In that case, we recommend you choose a stainless steel animal ash pendant. Thanks to the material, these are cheaper than ash pendants made of gold or silver. Like the high emotional value to your pet, all our jewellery is of high quality. Moreover, you can count on full service and warranty when you buy them.

A velvet pouch is included in the delivery as standard. It is also possible to give a stainless steel animal ash pendant as a gift to a family member or another loved one. You can make the gift extra special with a beautiful gift wrapping. We have special luxury handmade velvet gift boxes for this purpose.

Buy other animal ash pendants

Do you still prefer an animal ash pendant made of silver or would you like an even more personalised version? Then take a look at our collection silver animal ash pendants or photo-engraved animal ash pendants. We also offer as standard ash pendants and ash jewellery to.