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Silver Animals Ash Pendants

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Silver animal ash pendants for your beloved pet

Losing a dog, cat or other pet is an emotional event that you do not have to let pass just like that. With an animal ash pendant, you don't just say goodbye once but always carry the memory of your favourite pet close to your heart. The keepsake is for a long time and that calls for high quality. That is why you can choose from a high-quality collection of 925 sterling silver animal ash pendants with us. So you have a lifelong keepsake in the form of a stylish ash necklace or ash bracelet. These can be worn by both adults and children. Because every family member likes to be able to think back to his or her companion at any time.

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Silver: the benefits

An ash pendant should of course last a long time and that requires high quality. Therefore, choose an animal ash pendant made of 925 sterling silver. This material is a very popular metal for jewellery and not without reason, as it has a number of advantages. Silver has a beautiful shine and goes perfectly with almost all your clothes. Another big advantage is that animal ash pendants in silver are easy to engrave. Our silver jewellery comes with a hallmark and serial production number. So you can be sure that your animal ash pendant is made of real silver.

Personalised silver animal ash pendant

As mentioned, an animal ash pendant made of 925 sterling silver is very suitable for engraving. This will make the jewellery even more personal. Think for example of your pet's name, a date or a personal text. Our goldsmith will be happy to do this for you.

Various types of animal ash pendants silver

Everyone has their own taste, which is why you can choose from different shapes, colours and finishes with us. Whether you choose a subtle variant or a striking pendant with shiny stones, you will always find an animal ash pendant to suit your needs. For example, choose the silver ash pendant dog or silver ash pendant cat. Did your faithful four-legged friend love bones? Then the silver ash pendant bone might be a nice keepsake. All ash pendants have a small hollow space that can be filled with a limited amount of ashes. You can do this yourself, but if you find that annoying, we can fill the jewellery for you. Because the ash pendant is quite small, others are unlikely to see that it is an ash piece. Moreover, the silver animal ash pendants can be worn by any family member.

How do I maintain my silver jewellery?

An animal ash pendant made of 925 sterling silver remains beautiful forever. The material comes out best if you polish the jewellery from time to time. Silver jewellery does not darken through wear and does not oxidise. This makes our animal ash pendants silver even better protected.

Cheap silver animal ash pendant

As the loss of a pet is difficult enough, we want to give you the opportunity to buy a cheap animal ash pendant that is both stylish and of high quality. In our range, you will always find a variant that fits your budget. Moreover, we offer full service and warranty upon purchase.
You will receive the product in a velvet pouch. Would you like to give one as a gift to a family member or another loved one? You can do so with our special luxury handmade velvet gift boxes.

Buy other animal ash pendants

Are you looking for an animal ash pendant that is even more personal? Then take a look at our collection photo-engraved animal ash pendants. This allows you to place a photo of your pet on the ash pendant. We also have stainless steel animal ash pendants in the range and offer standard ash pendants and ash jewellery to.