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Our collection of ash charms

Losing a dear person or pet is always a sad time. You therefore want to be able to remember them in a loving and respectful way. The ash charms from can offer you comfort. After all, with an ash charm, you can always carry the ashes of your deceased loved one with you wherever you go. We have a large collection silver and gold ash charms that can be attached to almost any bracelet. A Pandora ash charm for Pandora bracelets is also an option. View our current range of ash charms below.

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The possibilities of our charms with ash chamber

The ash charms from offer endless possibilities. You can nowadays store more than just ashes in an ash charm. Some ash charms offer you the opportunity to keep a lock of your loved one's hair, for example. In addition, you can have some ash charms engraved by our jeweller. This gives your ash charm a personal touch.

Charms in different styles

Thanks to our extensive range, you will always find what you are looking for at Our ash charms are available in various styles. From heart-shaped ash charms to round ash charms. With us, everything is possible. We are also the right place for Pandora ash charms!

Silver Charms from the best materials

We only sell ash charms made of the finest materials such as gold and silver. Some of our ash charms are finished with zirconia for an extra luxurious look. An ash charm with glass is also possible. You can then view the ashes.

Axis charms and bracelets: which ones are suitable?

Our ash charms are suitable for almost any bracelet. From silver or gold bracelets to Pandora bracelets. You can also buy special bracelets from us that are suitable for ash charms. These are extra sturdy and made of durable materials.

Charm meant for cremation ash filling: your options

All silver charms from the range of are easy to fill with ashes. With a handy filling set, you can easily do this yourself. Do you find it an unpleasant idea to fill your ash jewellery with ashes yourself? We will gladly help you. Add the option 'fill your memorial jewellery' to your shopping basket and let us fill your ash jewellery. You can trust us to do this with utmost care.


Do you still have questions about buying an ash charm or Pandora ash charm at Or were you unable to find the ash charms you are looking for? Please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at Do you prefer direct contact? We can be reached by phone on 033 - 7520905. What can we help you with?

Frequently asked questions

❤️ What are ash charms?

Charms with ash provision feature a small space in which a loved one's ashes or lock of hair can be incorporated. An ash charm offers a tangible reminder of the loved one. In this way, it is possible to keep your loved one close to you always in a symbolic way.

❤️ What are ash charms made of?

The ash charms are made from the very best materials so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. These ash charms are available in gold, silver, zirconia and glass. With us, you can count on high quality regardless of the different materials.

❤️ How are ash charms filled?

All ash charms in the range are easy to fill with ashes or a lock of hair. With a handy filling set, you can easily do this yourself. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can have the ash jewellery filled by us, the funeral director or the crematorium.