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Our collection of silver ash charms

The silver ash charms from our collection silver ash charms often give just that extra bit of support during a particularly difficult and tough time.

Through these beautifully finished Silver Axle Charms, you carry your loved one with you anytime, anywhere. For many, it is a symbolic and tangible reminder of that special someone. The ash charms all have their own character and appearance. This with a unique symbolic value. These are all suitable to wear for, among others, Pandora bracelets.

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About our collection of silver ash charms

In the collection Charms that we offer, there is a small space in which you can wear a symbolic amount of your loved one's ashes. Although the jewellery is easy to fill, it remains securely locked while wearing. What's more, you can make the jewellery completely special, by having it decorated by our silversmith. have it engraved. For example, with a name, or your loved one's initials.

With us, you have the choice of various Charms, which can be worn by adults as well as the children and grandchildren. Pets are often an integral part of the family. Therefore, after the loss of your beloved dog or cat, you can also give them a place in our special and cheap ash charms.

What types of ash charms do we offer?

It is important that you have a Charm with you for a long time to come without damaging it. That's why you can choose from a collection of 925 sterling silver Axis charms, all of which feature an overlay of Rhodium.

Looking for an affordable keepsake? Take a look at our stunning ash charms!

Charms for ashes made of 925 sterling silver

These beautiful ash charms in 925 sterling silver are all coated with Rhodium. With this jewellery, you don't have to worry about unexpected deep damage.

Rhodium has a beautiful white colour and is not sensitive to external influences. In addition, Rhodium is part of the Platinum group, and it does not darken when worn and/or it does not oxidise. So our ash charms are even better protected and of a very high quality. With an extensive choice such as engraved letters or a finely crafted charm with gold-plated butterflies, you will receive your purchase in a pretty velvet pouch so you can keep it forever.

Hallmark of our collection of silver ash charms

As your jewellery will have a high emotional value, all our silver products carry a hallmark and production serial number. So you know you are getting value(s) for your money.

Why choose our silver ash charms?

After searching for stylish memorial jewellery and memorials ourselves, we were shocked by the hefty prices and limited choices available. As the loss of a loved one is difficult enough, we want to offer you the opportunity to buy cheap ash jewellery which are also tasteful and of high quality. Our goldsmith guarantees the quality of the jewellery and also makes it personal and unique by engraving it if you wish. In addition, we offer full guarantee and service on the cheap collection of silver ash charms that you buy from us.

So if you want to order a cheap ash charm from our collection of silver ash charms, while enjoying personalised service and high quality, order it from Memorial jewellery Pool-Boers.

Frequently asked questions

❤️ What are silver ash charms?

Silver ash charms feature a small space in which a loved one's ashes or lock of hair can be incorporated. A silver ash charm offers a tangible reminder of the loved one. This way, it is possible to keep your loved one close to you always in a symbolic way.

❤️ What are silver ash charms made of?

The silver ash charms are made from the very best materials so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. In addition to silver, these ash charms are also available in gold, zirconia and glass. With us, you can count on high quality regardless of the different materials.

❤️ How are silver ash charms finished?

All silver ash charms in the range are easy to fill with ashes or a lock of hair. With a handy filling set, you can easily do this yourself. If you find this an unpleasant idea, you can have the silver ash charm filled by us, the funeral director or the crematorium.