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Fingerprint ash jewellery

Fingerprint ash jewellery

Keep your loved one close to you with our fingerprint ash jewellery, a stunning 925 sterling silver Fingerprint Assignment Jewellery line.

A fingerprint ash jewellery is a special piece of jewellery that keeps you forever connected to your loved one, friend or family member. Every fingerprint is unique, which is why this keepsake is so personal. It is a sign of loyalty and love and a special way to always carry that special person close to you.

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After a cremation, you have the option of placing your loved one's ashes in an urn and giving them a beautiful place in your home. But perhaps you feel more the need to keep your loved one close to you always after the farewell. Ash jewellery are great alternatives for this then. It gives the bereaved the option of always carrying a tangible reminder with them. Popular examples are the Fingerprint Ash Pendant to wear around your neck and the Fingerprint Ashbeads that fit elegantly onto your ash bracelet. Also, all our Fingerprint ash jewellery comes from our 1st grade designer silver line.

You choose from different materials and pendants in which you store a small amount of ashes or a lock of hair. The ash chambers of the jewellery are processed very subtly, so it is not always obvious that it is an ash jewellery. The advantage of this is that you will not receive well-intentioned questions at times when you do not need them.

High-quality engraving of a fingerprint

You can personalise your ash jewellery by choosing the pendant or necklace yourself. The jewellery becomes completely unique by engraving a fingerprint. We understand that your ash jewellery will be a valuable possession for you. That is why we think it is important that the fingerprint is of high quality, so that it does not fade or become blotchy within six months. We therefore place your ash piece for two to three hours in an engraving machine that applies the fingerprint in 3D and with deep relief. By choosing the best quality for your engraving, you will enjoy it yourself for many years to come.

Why choose our fingerprint ash jewellery?

Losing a loved one is hard enough. An ash jewellery can help you begin and go through the grieving process. It often helps to carry something with you that you can touch at special or difficult moments. Apart from this, it remains a beautiful keepsake.

We understand that a grieving process is personal, emotional and intimate. Your subtle ash jewellery will therefore be treated with all care and respect. If you find it too difficult or uncomfortable to fill the ash chamber yourself, we will gladly take care of it for you. You will receive your keepsake in a velvet box so that you always have a safe place to store the piece of jewellery without the risk of scratching it. You will receive full service and guarantee on all our memorial jewellery. If the product does not meet your requirements, you have the option of returning it within 2 weeks.

If you are looking for a beautiful ash pendant with a high-quality engraving and an honest and respectful service, then order from Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers. All our Fingerprint ash jewellery is manufactured by our goldsmith.