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Memorial mirror with text and hearts

A sign forever near you in a nice spot in your home

Choosing an urn or memorial is an emotional decision that you want to think about calmly. You want to take your time to do this so you can get your bearings. After all, you have a wide range of small and large urns to choose from, different signs to memorialise, and you probably prefer to pick one that reminds you of your loved one.

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Connected to you forever

A memorial is also personal, it will always be connected to you and it is a special way to keep your loved one always a little bit close to you. With us, you can choose from a wide range. The large signs are suitable for both children and grandchildren, as well as for father or mother himself.

You will (soon) have a choice of memorials in a traditional form and to which you can clearly see that it is a sign to commemorate someone. If you prefer a memorial that is not immediately recognisable, this is of course also possible. First think carefully about which sign best suits you or your loved one. Of course, you do want the sign to have a nice place in your home for years to come.

Personalised for every age

The memorials we offer are of high quality and beautifully finished. This allows you to commemorate the youngest member of the family as well. This gives you the opportunity to also mean something to the youngest member of the family. We receive more and more requests and requests to offer the very youngest, for example, a souvenir in the form of a mirror. We also receive requests for a (symbolic) candle. In this way, the grieving process can also be put into perspective for the very youngest. This gives them something to hold on to.

Why choose one of our memorials?

Losing a loved one brings a huge change and often a big void. For this, it can be soothing to have a tangible reminder of your loved one. Our large memorials are suitable for this. After you have chosen the memorial that suits you or your loved one best, you can give it a nice spot in your home.
If you are looking for a sign that you or one of your children or grandchildren have fond memories of, take a look at the extensive selection of Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a memorial to which you and your family members all have fond memories, feel free to take a look at our selection as well.