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Ashes necklaces

Ashes necklaces

Our collection of ash necklaces

You will find the finest ash chains at We have the largest collection at a fair price. With us, you will find ash chains made of silver, gold and stainless steel. So quality is always a guarantee. The chains are all perfect for our collection ash pendants. This way, you complete your memorial jewellery and can carry your loved one with you in a loving way. We customise your necklace so that it hangs beautifully around your neck. View our current range of necklaces below.

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All styles are possible believes it is important that you get the shaft chain buys the one that best suits you and your lost loved one. This is why we have included a variety of ash necklaces in our collection. We offer both modern and classic necklaces. We also offer chains with different links. Thus, you can buy a chain for ashes with very fine links or very coarse links. The choice is yours.

Sturdy axle chains made of durable materials

When you buy an ash necklace, you naturally want to be sure that it is of the highest possible quality. Therefore, you will only find necklaces made of the best materials in our range. Gold ash chains, silver ash chains and stainless steel axle chains ensures you can wear your necklace for many years.

Buy ash necklace with ash pendant

Of course you can buy ash necklaces at that you can expand with an ash pendant. There are many options to complete your necklace. Choose from different styles and match the necklace and ash pendant to your taste. Moreover, we can also fill the ash pendant with ashes for you.

Ash chain filling: what are the options?

An ash necklace can be filled in different ways. Necklaces with a hollow bead offer the possibility of storing ashes in the necklace itself. Other options are also possible, such as a lock of hair. You can also choose a matching ash pendant. This gives the necklace a personal touch. Let finish the necklace? Add the option 'fill your memorial jewellery' to your shopping cart and let us fill your necklace. You can trust us to do this with utmost care.

Looking for a necklace to put ashes in?

Do you have any questions about buying an ash necklace at Or do you have questions about our collection of ash necklaces? Please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at Prefer direct contact? We can be reached by phone on 033 - 7520905. What can we help you with?