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Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers, offers you with our 14 carat gold length necklace, gourmet link, a very high-quality necklace. To keep the loss of your precious ash jewellery - ash pendant to an absolute minimum, we have made the choice to offer a very high-quality necklace.
The necklace should meet the highest attainable requirements in order to safely wear your precious ash pendant - ash jewellery. Here, it is necessary that the risk of breaking your necklace can be excluded. Therefore, before introducing this magnificent necklace, we had it extensively tested and analysed by an expert - silversmith. This in terms of strength, technical construction of the chain as well as its design. Because the gourmet link is a link in which each link is exactly the same thickness, this is the strongest and most powerful necklace.

The specifications of this 14-carat gold length necklace, are:

-A diameter of 1.40 mm
-A weight of 2.50 grams
-A length of 50 cm

We strongly recommend, when purchasing a suitable 14 carat gold chain, for your ash jewel | ash pendant, always be well informed by a specialist - better jeweller. Our gold necklaces will all meet the required qualities.
The 14-carat gold length necklace snake, with a consumer recommended retail price from euro 299.00 we offer you for euro 249.00.

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