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Below you will find our Stainless steel necklaces

Stainless steel has a beautiful sparkle. The look and feel that people love to see in their jewellery. According to the latest trend, stainless steel is increasingly used for making jewellery. Stainless steel is also called stainless steel (RVS) or surgical steel. Stainless steel cannot rust.Besides, stainless steel is pure and beautiful, but also very strong. It is very similar in colour to silver. However, stainless steel is a more affordable alternative.

About our stainless steel necklaces

As stainless steel is very strong but also very powerful, we offer a wide choice of stunning necklaces. Because, as an ash jewellery specialist, we want to offer you the highest achievable quality, we prefer stainless steel necklaces. This way, you reduce the risk of losing your ash jewel | ash pendant, to an absolute minimum. We do introduce (also) one 925 sterling silver chain and will consider offering you several variants in this as well.

925 sterling silver necklace

We do advise you, when purchasing a 925 sterling silver necklace, to choose, for a necklace with the right diameter. In addition, the right weight and construction chain. So that even when you buy a silver necklace, you run the least risk of losing your precious ash jewellery | ash pendant.

We therefore advise you to always purchase your stainless steel or silver necklace from an ash jewellery specialist | jeweller or craftsman.

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