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Animal urns

Animal urns

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The mini animal urn is a small variant urn in which ashes can be kept of your pet. This way, you or the whole family can remember your favourite companion in a subtle and sophisticated way. Thanks to its small size, the mini pet urn does not stand out and you can place it anywhere you want, for example next to a photo frame. This way, you always have a symbolic and tangible reminder.

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Mini animal urns: the various types

In our pet urns, there is a so-called ash chamber where you can put a small amount of ashes. In this way, the ashes are always safely stored. The chamber is not visible and therefore you will not notice that it is a mini urn. We understand that it should look beautiful with your interior. That is why we offer a variety of designs and shapes. You will always find one that suits you and your interior. For example, choose a mini urn with a butterfly, a mini urn with a bird or one with animal feet.

Have you had several pets? You can make the mini pet urn even more personal by having the name of your beloved pet engraved. This is done by hand by our goldsmith. This will make the memory even more special.

Dog urns

The dog is also known as man's best friend. Many owners therefore have a strong bond with their four-legged friend. When your dog dies, it can be very sad. To remember him or her forever, you can choose a dog urn. It is embellished with paw prints and, like other urns, has a stylish design.

Cat urns

Besides dog urns, we also offer urns for your deceased cat. It is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your cat and cherish the memory. For example, choose a red mini pet urn with footprints if your red tomcat deserves a nice place.

Mini animal urns made of various materials

Pets are often part of a family. After death, a beautiful memory is nice for all family members. Preferably a forever memory. That is why we guarantee high quality, regardless of the different materials, so that the urn lasts a long time. You can choose between stainless steel and brass.

Pet urns made of stainless steel

These beautiful mini animal urns made of 316L surgical stainless steel will not damage. No need to worry about this. Due to the extra hardness, the quality is even higher than that of the precious metals gold and silver.

Mini brass animal urns

Many of our mini animal urns are made of brass. These are beautifully crafted with animal feet or choose a mini urn butterfly or mini urn bird.

Mini animal urns cheap

Everyone should be able to remember their pet in a beautiful way. That is why we offer various animal urns cheap that suit your needs and are of high quality. Moreover, you get full warranty and service when you buy a mini pet urn from us.
We deliver the urns in a velvet pouch as standard. Would you like to give one as a gift? This is possible with our luxurious handmade velvet gift boxes. This will make your precious gift even more special for the recipient.

Buy other pet urn

Not found what you were looking for? In addition to mini pet urns, we also offer standard mini urns. Do you prefer a larger urn dog or urn cat? Have a look at our range large urns. Browse our wide range and find out which one suits you best.