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Large urns

Large urns

Your loved one forever near you in a beautiful spot in your home

Choosing an urn is an emotional decision you don't want to make too quickly. You want to take your time so you can get your bearings. After all, you have a wide range of small and large urns to choose from and you probably prefer to pick one that reminds you of your loved one.

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An urn is personal, it will always remain connected to you and it is a special way to keep your loved one near you always. With us, you can choose between different sizes of urns. The large urns are suitable for storing a person's entire ashes. This means the urn has a capacity of 3 to 4 litres.

You have a choice of urns in a traditional shape and from which you can clearly see that it is an urn. If you prefer an urn that is not immediately recognisable, this is of course also possible. First think carefully about which urn suits you or your loved one best. Of course, you want the urn to have a nice place in your home for years to come.

Personalised by high-quality engraving

The urns we offer are of high quality and beautifully finished. You can also personalise the vase urn by having an engraving placed. One of the most frequently chosen options is your loved one's name, date of birth and/or date of death. Even if you then put the urn slightly out of sight, you will know in your heart that you have chosen a beautiful, personalised urn. Another frequently requested option are engraving sayings or pieces of lyrics from music tracks. Tell us exactly what you choose to engrave, and our engraving machine will put it in with deep relief.

Why choose one of our large urns?

Losing a loved one brings a huge change and often a big void. For this, it can be soothing to have a tangible reminder of your loved one. Our large urns are suitable for this. After you have chosen which urn suits you or your loved one best, you can give it a nice spot in your home.

For filling the urn, you have two options. If you want to take care of the siphoning yourself, it is important that you are meticulous in doing so. But with the required attention from you or a third party, you can fill the urn with some patience and care. But you may not actually feel comfortable with this at all. If you wish, we can take care of the transfer for you while you receive photographic evidence of the transfer.

If you are looking for a large urn in which to keep the entire ashes of your loved one, take a look at the extensive selection of Gedenksieraden Pool-Boers. If, on the contrary, you are looking for an urn in which you and your family members can all keep a small amount of ashes, take a look at our selection of mini urns. Have you recently had to let go of your pet? We also sell animal urns.