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Brass Mini Urns

Brass mini urns for symbolic remembrance

When a dear or beloved pet dies, it is nice to give it a special place in the home. A brass mini urn allows several people to share this symbolic and tangible memory. Brass is timeless and therefore a much-chosen material for mini urns. It lends itself perfectly to processing and engraving a personalised text to suit each person's wishes. Due to its small size, the brass mini urn does not catch the eye and you can give it a beautiful, yet inconspicuous place in your interior.

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Brass mini urns: the benefits

Mini urns made of brass have several advantages. Despite the fact that brass is a very hard metal, it can be shaped well using various techniques. For example, very thin wall thicknesses are possible. This makes it possible to make brass mini urns that still offer enough space to safely store the ashes. In addition, brass is very suitable for decoration, such as an image of a flower or butterfly. Moreover, the price is relatively low so it fits every budget.

Various types of brass mini urns

In the mini urn brass, you can put a small amount of ashes so that the ashes remains are always kept safe. We understand that the urn should match your own taste and interior. That is why we offer brass mini urns in various colours with beautiful symbolic details such as butterflies, flowers, leaves or birds. Due to the many variations, the urns get both a classic and a contemporary look. So you will always find one that suits your needs and interior.

Personalised mini urn brass

As mentioned, a brass mini urn is great for decoration. Therefore, make your mini urn even more personal by having the name of a dear or beloved pet engraved by our goldsmith.

Brass mini urn: indoors or outdoors?

Despite its strong material, brass can oxidise. Therefore, we do not recommend placing brass urns outdoors. Rather, put it indoors, this way you can be assured that any decoration on your urn will remain beautiful.

Mini urns cheap

Everyone should be able to remember a loved one in a beautiful way. That is why we have a variety of brass mini urns that fit any budget and are of high quality. Moreover, we offer full service and guarantee when you purchase a brass mini urn from us.
You will receive the urn in a velvet pouch. It is also possible to gift one with our luxurious handmade velvet gift boxes. This makes the precious gift even more special for the recipient.

Buy Brass mini urn or other mini urns?

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