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Ash pendant endless love gold-plated


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Stainless steel chain hose, length 50 cm diameter 1.3 mm. Always enter max. 1 here. (Will be multiplied by the system, automatically,
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To be used for at least 6x ash jewellery.

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For engraving, the delivery time takes 3 -4 working days longer, in addition to / on top of the standard delivery time. This is for a personalised product.

For engraving, the delivery time takes 3 -4 working days longer, in addition to / on top of the standard delivery time. This is for a personalised product.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 9 mm
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Ash pendant infinite love gold-plated is a beautiful ash jewel which well symbolises the beauty of love for your loved one. The infinity sign combined with the heart makes a connection between life here, now and in heaven, forever. The connection you want between you and your loved one.


ash pendant endless love gold-plated

This unique ash pendant with the infinity sign and heart, is a tangible reminder that can help during the grieving process. This locket contains a separate ash chamber, with beautiful high-quality gold-plated plating, in which you can store a symbolic amount of ashes. This allows you to carry your loved one close to you at all times.
This beautiful ash pendant is a tangible keepsake of high quality. The heart combined with the infinity sign, hereby beautifully symbolises the infinite love for your loved one a connection between life here, now and in heaven. The connection you want to keep between you and your loved one. At its heart, the ash pendant contains a high-quality steel disc in which the ashes can be sealed.
The jewellery is designed to hold a symbolic amount of ashes, so that a part of your loved one is always worn close by.
The ash pendant can be engraved on the disc for a small additional charge, with a short text chosen by you.
Also, in addition to the ash pendant also a order necklace so you can always wear it around the neck.

Features ash pendant infinite love gold-plated

The ash pendant is made of stainless steel, or surgical steel, which gives it a beautiful sparkle. It does not rust so it always remains pure and beautiful. A discreet ash jewel that stands out enough and can be seen. The jewellery here has a shape and size just slightly larger than an average piece of jewellery.

Engrave your stainless steel ash pendant

Nothing is more unique than a piece of jewellery personalised to your own taste. Moreover, it is a beautiful tribute to the deceased. We therefore also offer you the option of personalising your ash pendant. have it engraved. You think of the text and we engrave the ash pendant. This ash pendant is engravable on the beautiful disc, the core of the ash pendant.

Extras with your ash pendant infinite love

You can easily fill the ash pendant yourself. Here you can create a filling set of €3.50 to purchase, but it does require some dexterity. If you do not find this comfortable or uncomfortable, we can take great care and respect the ash pendant fill for you. You will hereby receive photographic documentation that it is indeed your loved one's ashes.

Dispatch of your ash pendant

We send all our orders by parcel post with track and trace. This is the most reliable way to send your precious memorial jewellery, while you can monitor the shipment yourself.

We wish you many fond and memorable memories with the ash pendant endless love gold-plated.

If this is not the ash jewellery you are looking for, you can always look further in our extensive range.


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