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Have your personal and precious text engraved ? The laser engraving will then be designed and placed, by our engraver / laser expert.

Here, the laser engraving will be designed by our expert and then placed. This with the highest quality achievable.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 65 × 80 × 60 mm
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A grieving period is a difficult time and with this high-quality designer-designed urn, you will always have a tangible reminder. With it, you can commemorate those special moments with your loved one.
Deze Blauwe vlinder urn mini is namelijk gemaakt van high-quality aluminium combined with brass and beautifully featuring a stunning combination of silver linings with dainty blue accents, finished with a high-quality coating / surface layer for protection. A great honour and privilege for us, to be able to support you with this highly desirable urn for your great loss.

Inhoud: 0.05 liter.


Blue butterfly urn mini | LoveUrns
This designer urn, one of the most beautiful ever made and very popular with our Dutch and Belgian customers, is a beautiful designer urn in butterfly shape, which at first glance does not reveal that it is a mini urn. It is therefore a subtle and beautiful memorial in which the loss of your loved one is symbolised by a butterfly. This beautiful urn is daarom een fraaie herinnering om de crematie as van uw geliefde onderin het urntje te bewaren. De urn is zo ontworpen dat u er een symbolische hoeveelheid as in kunt verzegelen voor altijd, terwijl u de sierlijke vlinder een mooi plekje in uw huis kunt geven. Vanwege de verborgen askamer is het dus niet direct te merken dat het hier om een mini urn gaat. De askamer bevindt zich namelijk aan de onderkant van de mini urn. Deze kunt u door het handige schroefsysteem gemakkelijk openen en weer stevig dichtmaken.
Dit erg exclusieve kunstwerkje kunt u in vrijwel iedere kamer plaatsen. Het staat fraai op een kast omringd door meer kaarsen, of staat delicaat op het dressoir. Waar u deze zeer exclusieve mini urn ook besluit te bewaren, het blijft een oogstrelend aanzicht en een respectvolle gelegenheid om altijd uw dierbare toch nog symbolisch bij u in de buurt te houden.

Features Blue butterfly urn mini made of high-quality brass and aluminium

The brilliance of the urn combined with the design-designed butterfly. Therefore, it will also look beautiful by the window, so that the sun reflects well, when the urn is finally placed on the ornate silver rims and accents. Indeed, this Blue butterfly mini urn is made of high-quality brass combined with aluminium and beautifully featuring a stunning colour scheme with ornate silver accents and blue tones. The details look like pure silver and has the same brilliance. Moreover, brass is certainly a durable material in combination with aluminium, partly due to the high-quality coating, as an extra layer of protection. The butterfly urn measures 6.50 cm in height x 8 cm in width and weighs 300 grams. A discreet urn that stands out just enough, without having to answer well-intentioned questions if you don't feel the need.

Engrave your Blue butterfly urn mini with silver accents

A name, date or beautiful quote: an urn instantly becomes a lot more personal when you have it engraved with something that reminds you of your loved one. When you decide what text you want engraved on the butterfly urn, we will make sure the engraving is finished very carefully.

Extras with your butterfly urn design with brilliant blue accents

Filling the urn can take some patience, but with a filling kit you can do it yourself. Not everyone will like this, which is why we also offer to fill the urn with great respect and care. fill it for you. Of course, we understand that you want to be sure it is your loved one, which is why we provide photographic evidence.

Dispatch of your mini urn butterfly

A period of mourning is difficult enough. The last thing you want is uncertainty about your shipment. That is why we send the urn with reliable track and trace so you can always track your shipment.

If this is not the affordable urn you are looking for, you can always look further in our extensive range.


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