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Mini urn rose black | gold-plated


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With this, your memorial rose is provided with a precious laser engraving. The text is engraved by our laser engraver, directly on the stem of the rose, using a precious technique. This makes your remembrance extra personal and precious.

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Weight 95 g
Dimensions 250 × 55 × 55 mm
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A rose symbolises love. This beautiful mini-urn rose black gold-plated is therefore an ideal keepsake to store the ashes of your loved one. The urn is designed so that you can put a small amount of ashes in it, while giving the ornate flower a beautiful spot in your home.


The mini urn rose black, symbolises love. This beautiful mini-urn rose black gold-plated is therefore an ideal keepsake to store the ashes of your loved one. The urn is designed so that you can put in a small amount of ashes, while giving the dainty flower a nice spot in your home. Because of the hidden ash chamber, it is not immediately noticeable that this is a mini urn. This is because the ash chamber lies under the head of the flower. The handy screw system makes it easy to open and firmly close again.
You can keep the rose in almost any room. It lies beautifully on a cabinet surrounded by candles, or stands delicately among fresh flowers. Wherever you decide to keep the rose, it remains an eye-catching sight and a respectful opportunity to always keep your loved one near you anyway.

Features of our collection of rose mini urns surgical stainless steel

The brilliance of this rose is beautiful. Therefore, it will also look beautiful by the window, reflecting the sun well. This mini-urn rose is in fact made of surgical steel. It looks like silver in a black gold-plated version (flower) and has the same brilliance, but 316L stainless steel does not rust and stays pure for longer. Moreover, it is much more durable than other materials from which other rose urns are made, such as pewter and brass. The rose measures 250 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm and weighs 95 grams. A discreet mini urn that stands out just enough without having to constantly answer well-intentioned questions when you don't feel the need to.

Engrave your rose urn surgical stainless steel

A name, date or beautiful quote: an urn instantly becomes a lot more personal when you have it engraved with something that reminds you of your loved one. When you decide what text you want engraved on the rose, we will make sure the engraving neatly finished.

Extras with your mini urn rose black gold-plated surgical stainless steel

Filling the urn can take some patience, but with our filling kit, you can do it yourself. Not everyone will like this, which is why we also offer to fill the urn with great respect and care. fill it for you. Of course, we understand that you want to be sure it is your loved one, which is why we provide photographic evidence. Your mini urn will be Supplied with velvet-lined gift box.

Shipping your mini urn rose black gilded surgical stainless steel

A grieving period is hard enough. The last thing you want is a package that gets lost and you have to chase after it. That's why we send the urn with reliable track and trace so you can always keep an eye on it.

If this mini urn is not exactly what you are looking for, please look further in our extensive range.

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