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Paw print matt gold mini brass


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Have your personal and precious text engraved ? The laser engraving will then be designed and placed, by our engraver / laser expert.

Here, the laser engraving will be designed by our expert and then placed. This with the highest quality achievable.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 69 × 73 × 30 mm
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Paw print matt gold mini brass | pet urn

The Paw print matt gold mini brass | pet urn is a stunning mini animal urn. You can provide it with the ashes of your beloved dog or cat, in a symbolic amount. At the bottom of this beautiful exclusive memorial, you will find the ash chamber. This is easy to open and close, using a screw system. A period of mourning is a difficult time and with this high-quality designer animal urn, you will always have a tangible reminder. It allows you to remember those special moments with your beloved pet.
For many, it is a symbolic and tangible reminder of that special one, the beloved pet. Due to the brilliant design of the paw print but especially the medium size, very beautifully designed, it allows you to place the urn anywhere you wish.
You can use the animal urn can also be fitted with a engraving so that it is fully personalised with a treasured text.

Features Paw print matt gold, mini urn design shaped

These animal urns, are made of brass, with the memorial beautifully featuring matt silver colour cast in the shape of a paw print. The urns in a very high-quality production process manually finished and machined. Brass always remains pure and beautiful especially with the high-quality coating, so you don't have to question its very high quality. The brilliant matt gold colour combined with the stunning designer shape of the paw print make the memorial very exclusive. The high-quality coating for additional protection of the beautiful memorial on the surface layer, partly hand-finished, also makes it very durable. The dimensions of the mini animal urns are 6.9 cm x 7.3 cm x 3 cm and they weigh 200 grams. A discreet animal urn which stands out just enough for you to keep to yourself that it is an urn. Its solid weight makes these pet urns very sturdy on your coffee table. This way, you can stylishly seal the ashes of your beloved cat or dog or kitty, forever, with the highest quality achievable.

Engrave your Paw print matt gold mini urn

Nothing is more unique than an animal urn personalised to your taste. Moreover, it is a beautiful tribute to the deceased. We therefore also offer you the option of personalising your animal urn Animal urn medium have it engraved. You think up the text and we engrave it. Always ask about the possibilities, so that we can offer you the best and most beautiful customisation.

Extras with your pet urn

You can easily fill the mini urn yourself. If you do not find this comfortable or uncomfortable, we can fill the mini urn with great care and respect. fill for you. You will receive photographic documentation that it is indeed the ashes of your loved one. All our pet urns are delivered free of charge and include a luxury gift and storage bag. These are made of luxurious satin.


We send all our orders by DHL with track and trace. This is the most reliable way to send your precious memorial jewellery and (animal) urns, while you can also monitor the shipment yourself. Moreover, you are then always guaranteed generally very fast delivery.


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