Frequently asked questions about ash jewellery | Answers to most frequently asked questions


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Do you have a question about ash jewellery or mini urns or memorial jewellery? You can always call or email us! Below, for your convenience, you can read our answers to the most frequently asked questions. For example, about filling your memorial jewellery.

For whom are ash jewellery suitable?

We have a wide range of ash jewellery, in every price range and for every target group. Our customers come from all age groups and there is a fitting memorial and memorial jewellery for every situation. Ashes jewellery is partly intended to place the mourning process and to carry your loved one with you forever. This by carrying a symbolic amount of ash remains close to your heart forever. Also animal ash jewellery and animal ash pendants, we have plenty in our collection. This is because the four-legged friend plays an increasingly central role in the household and within the family. As a result, we find that many customers also find it very important and nice to carry their beloved pet / dog or cat with them forever, in a graceful and refined manner. This in the form of an animal ash jewellery. We also fulfil many special requests with specific wishes.

Do you also sell men's ash jewellery?

In particular, precisely the men's ash jewellery are in high demand. Among these, cylinder ash pendants are in high demand. Men's ash bracelets. These can be completely engraved with your own preferred text, to make your ash jewellery even more personal and precious. Many customers take advantage of this extra service, performed and placed by our recognised goldsmith.

What kind of quality does memorial jewellery Pool-Boers offer and do I have a guarantee?

In particular, quality is of course vital to our firm. This applies to our products but also certainly to the service our firm offers. All our products are very thoroughly and meticulously dissected and assessed by our goldsmith/craftsman, upon entry. Attention is paid to the type of material used by our suppliers. The applications and finishes of all ash jewellery and mini urns, are regularly tested. Our goldsmith regularly removes the top layer of our products in order to check the base layer of our jewellery. This applies to all stainless steel ash jewellery as well as 925 sterling silver ash jewellery and all mini urns. We do this before these are put on the market. The quality is therefore at least equal to that of other market parties known in the Netherlands. Extensive quality checks are therefore also carried out (in the meantime) at random on all orders delivered by suppliers. This is in addition to the quality controls that our suppliers already carry out by definition.

In addition, of course, you have a guarantee; moreover, you are entitled to the legally required 2-week trial period to return.
If you have doubts about the choice of your jewellery, or if you want to receive it first with the possibility of exchanging it, this is of course always negotiable. From a personal drive and passion, we more than guarantee all our commemorative jewellery and mini urns from our entire range and open to any expansion or addition to it.

We are not satisfied until you have a very precious/tangible memory of your loved one to your complete satisfaction. If you do not have this, by definition you will be refunded your entire purchase price. (This only with the exception of fully personalised memorial jewellery, which is custom-made for you, or has already been filled for you).

Can all ash jewellery be engraved?

Yes, all jewellery can be engraved. Our goldsmith does this for us, a specialist craftsman who has years of experience in this. You can then choose the engraving option in the shop (top), for which the first item is made in the shop. The cost for this is €13.50 and the engraving is necessarily carried out by a recognised craftsman / goldsmith, so we can guarantee you the highest achievable quality. This adds an extra dimension to the commemorative jewellery, making it fully personalised and, for many, extra precious. You can easily add this option to your shopping basket.

You will find this option in the shop with the link below. Also present some examples of engravings posted, in the images gallery.

In addition, we have a collection of fingerprint ash jewellery, all of which feature a very high-quality 3D engraving placed by our goldsmith.

Are the jewellery easy to fill off yourself? (Filling commemorative jewellery)

Yes, all our jewellery is easy to fill yourself. In the case of stainless steel jewellery, you will need to purchase a filling set for stainless steel with glue added, in the case of (925) silver ash jewellery, a silver filling set. no glue, just close the screw after filling. This seals the silver ash jewellery watertight, without the use of glue. It is strongly recommended to sieve your loved one's ashes beforehand, for instance with a tea strainer, so that the ashes are more workable. Always put the glue in the internal screw thread (in case of all stainless steel jewellery) and not on the screw itself. Once the glue is applied, tighten the screw all the way down immediately. Do not stop on the way otherwise the glue is already stuck and you may damage the pendant screw thread. In addition, some dexterity and skill is required. If you find this awkward or uncomfortable, we can do it for you for a nominal €5.95 with photographic documentation. Of course, you can also leave it to the funeral director or crematorium.

If you would like us to fill your memorial piece, you can choose the option, "Fill your memorial piece" at the top of the shop and add this option to your shopping basket (we cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from filling and/or gluing work). In addition, we can only guarantee this if the customer has followed the correct instructions with regard to filling the ash jewellery. If in doubt, always let us do it.

My loved one has been buried now I would like, to wear sand or dried grass from this precious place of mine, forever with me in a piece of jewellery, is this possible?

This is absolutely possible. Our hourglass ash pendant model, is ideally suited for this. Not least because of its beautiful symbolic value, the transience of time. But our cylinders are also perfect for this.

Can you also incorporate locks of hair into our jewellery?

This is possible, especially the cylindrical ash pendants all lend themselves ideally to this.

Is it possible to incorporate the ashes of two loved ones into your jewellery?

This is possible entirely at your own choice and discretion. This means, for example, that this is possible with all cylindrical ash pendants. The "together forever"stainless steel ash pendant, lends itself ideally to this. We also have in (925) silver version, the ash pendant "two souls together", with two separately manufactured ash chambers. There are also bracelets in our range with a double ash chamber.

Can I shower and swim with my filled ash pendant?

Partly on the advice of our silversmiths and goldsmiths, we advise against swimming with capped ash jewellery. Our goldsmith confirmed to us that even with soldering by a goldsmith himself, moisture can always get in. With showering, caution is also required and preferably we advise against it. Soap residue can also damage the ash jewel.

Do you also supply Belgian customers and what about payment?

Belgian customers frequently purchase ash jewellery to us, so we definitely deliver to Belgian customers. PostNL usually delivers these orders within 1-3 working days. As a Belgian customer, you can pay with the familiar Bancontact, but also with PayPal and e.g. credit card.

Is it safe to pay?

There are plenty of choices to pay with us. As above, also for Belgian customers. You can pay in a secure environment, completely reliable and safe. To this end, we have hired a specialised partner who arranges these payments for us. We therefore offer the possibility of paying securely, by IDEAL, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and Bancontact.

How do you complete my memorial jewellery?

You can fill your memorial jewellery yourself with a filling set. If you find this uncomfortable, you can also have us fill it for you. You can send us some of your loved one's ashes (about 3 teaspoons) by registered post, after which you will receive the remainder together with your filled memorial ornament (by registered post). We will treat this with the utmost discretion, both in processing and shipping.

To reassure you that the processing of your loved one's ashes will be handled carefully, accurately and with the utmost respect, it is possible with us, completely free of charge, to have everything documented. *We will document everything from the beginning of the process. From receipt of your envelope with the ashes, carefully packed by you e.g. in a double plastic bag (the size of a sandwich bag), to sending your memorial piece with any accessories (return).

Photographing everything step by step and emailing you (if you wish) is also a possibility. This is to remove any doubts for you. Please be sure to include your name and address on a note when sending the ashes, so that we know where to return the shipment to.